XRP & STR To the Moon!

Woke up this morning, my sell has all hit during the night and I see that XRP and STR are in a street brawl to see who’s gonna claim the #1 in BTC volume for the day. A little background as why this is happening. XRP as you know is now tied in with the banking industry, especially in Japan where they got MUFG and several other banks to sign on with their tech, here. STR is doing a similar thing after one of the founders of Ripple went off and formed Stellar, which has signed on BFC, here.

Both have had meteoric rises in the past week, but STR has doubled multiple times, probably because it’s cheaper and has more room to grow. However XRP has an 2 aces in the hole, 1. they already have major financial institutions on board, 2. Rumors are that in June they will be locking up coins for a decade, driving up demand.

So who will take the crown today, Sunday, 5/7/2017? My money is on STR. 2k more BTC in value to go. Oh, btw, did you know Vertcoin VTC, SegWit successfully activated on Vertcoin network as of block 713,664!

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