Poloniex Lessons Learned Day Deux

So today, Monday, Poloniex’s servers crashed again, at least twice sending sellers into a panic, again. After the first one of the day I pulled my BTC and moved it to Bittrex just in case something really bad happened. I left all my XRP, STR and others coins alone waiting for the bounce back. Still waiting….. actually I got some XRP unloaded. It really sucks cause Poloniex has the best, most user friendly UI, probably why it’s #1. If this keeps happening though their position as king of the mountain will be in jeopardy and rightly so. They make tons of money off those panic sells, fucking invest it into some goddamned new equipment!

Lesson learned is to diversify and don’t put all your BTC into XRP or any other alt coin unless you don’t care to lose it. Oh, and be sure to have a cold one or two to chill the fuck out during all this chaos.

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