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Tomorrow is Consensus 2017 in New York City. The event is put on by Coindesk for 2 days hosting the largest gathering of alt-coin players in the world. All eyes and ears will be on this event as many of the alt coins are expected to make announcements about their companies’/organizations’ new tech, advancements to their blockchain, etc. Expect the markets to go nuts for the next 3 days and Poloniex to crap out every other hour. I’m looking forward to hearing about EOS and it’s claims to make Ethereum look like a very overpriced Model T.  Will it drive the price of $STEEM & $BTS to the moon?! I’m HODL on both. Check out Steemit for more info.

Miyama Blonde at Cafe Prost In Hachioji, Tokyo.

Gonna be a long 3 days. Definitely gonna need a lot of ale to stay sane! See ya in 3 days!

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